Winter at LLFT

LLFT work continues throughout the year, and in winter, powan eggs are collected and sent to local schools to learn more about the conservation of the river system and in particular, the life cycle of the powan.

Our consultant scientist Carolyn, visits each school. This year the 2nd year class at The Vale of Leven Academy had written about the Powan in the classroom and made excellent presentations.  Each group had been given a different topic, be it Powan conservation, food webs or threats to the Powan. All the students did an incredible job with even  primary 6 students from Renton Primary presenting on what they had learned about the Powan. 

It was great to see the enthusiasm surrounding the project and representatives from the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs national park are keen to help us expand this project. LLFT are committed to do everything they can to continue promoting this worthwhile project.

We have asked each school to provide feedback specifically regarding any problems they had and possible solutions. 
The Trust is keen to develop this project with the teachers and schools and additional sources of funding are being sought.